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You can save 40% or more compared to the cost of in-house development. You don’t have to bear any overhead costs. You pay only for the actual time our team works on your project.

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A skilled crew and specialization of the roles allow you to cut the development and production time, and you will be able to launch your new projects soonest. The sooner the launch, the faster you get your ROI.

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We have a set of methods and tools, such as Agile or Jira, to empower communication and transparency that allow us to reach an improved performance.


Agility is all about bringing ease to our clients. We have formulated our development process to make things as simple and easy for our clients as they can be.

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Why you should choose TheGem for business

DTD is a pioneer in NFT game development, offering top-notch NFT gaming solutions for striking gameplay. We apply cutting-edge technologies that can help you to create your own marketplace and attract huge numbers of players to invest in digital collectibles, art pieces, and properties in the virtual gaming world.

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Teamwork and intelligence win championships
Experts in specific field of research
Projects have done successfully
Satisfied clients from corporate world

We also development software and website for any solution you want, such as: Booking, Landing Page, ERP Service…

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